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Airsoft scopes

If you dream of a really successful gameplay and want to ensure above-average shooting precision, you need an airsoft scope. This is one of the most important elements of the replica, which will allow you to make an accurate and effective shot. As a result, you'll be more effective, use less ammunition and of course hit your opponent more often. Airsoft telescopic sights differ primarily in their magnification. They have to be adjusted to the type of gameplay, but also to the replica and to the effects you want to achieve. The conditions in which you will shoot are also important.

How do you choose an airsoft telescopic sights?

If you want a universal scope, you can choose between four or six times magnification, which is 4x or 6x. You can count on a bright view with a relatively high magnification. We also offer airsoft spotting scopes with an adjustable magnification, among which there is a 3-9x viewfinder for general shooting. Do you need an extremely high magnification? Then opt for a 3-12x or 4-12x spotting scope. All airsoft rifle scopes available in our shop are made of durable materials, which are resistant to adverse weather conditions. They have a simple and easily readable rifle crosshair, which makes it possible to aim quickly. Good light transmission is the result of using a high-quality lens. The airsoft telescopic sights is very easy to position, thanks to the crosshair adjustment in the 90 MOA range as well as the smooth vertical and horizontal adjustment. We offer, among other things, airsoft sniper scopes with an innovative backlighting system as well as glass with an extra layer of emerald for greater image clarity.