Backpacks and bags

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Airsoft backpacks and military bags

In the section with backpacks and bags you will find a wide range of airsoft backpacks, laptop bags, tactical and hip bags. The products are available in different colours and camouflage so that they can be matched to the uniform and other elements. The backpacks and bags offered in our shop come from well-known manufacturers such as Helikon-Tex, GFC Tactical, Ultimate Tactical or Flyye Industries.

Tactical backpacks

They are the basic element of tactical equipment to carry the necessary equipment. Due to the variety of designs and sizes, you can easily select a model to suit your needs. If you plan to carry more equipment, we recommend the tactical backpacks or the spacious Assault Pack. They allow you to easily and conveniently carry a lot of equipment, accessories and other things that can be useful during a trip to a shooting game or for camping. In addition, many tactical backpacks will work both in combat and as part of EDC.

Airsoft backpacks

Purchasing a backpack is an important part of preparing your tactical equipment for airsoft. Airsoft backpacks will allow you to carry a large number of necessary accessories in a comfortable way. The advantage of backpacks over tactical bags is the convenience of use. While carrying an airsoft backpack we have free hands and can easily reach for your replica. Thanks to various types of organizers, additional pockets or MOLLE tapes you can easily and conveniently pack all necessary accessories such as spare bbs, magazines and many others. Backpack carrying systems and chest straps allow for better weight distribution. Thanks to this, the backpacks are suitable for long trips as well as for difficult areas during airsoft games. The airsoft backpack can also be used outside the battlefield as part of everyday equipment or as a backpack for a trip to the mountains or the forest. In addition, many models of airsoft backpacks are equipped with MOLLE systems, which allow you to carry additional bags, e.g. loaders. An additional advantage of airsoft backpacks are Velcro panels, which can be found on airsoft backpacks from many popular manufacturers. Thanks to them you will be able to fasten our favourite badges.

Military backpacks

Our offer includes backpacks in various types of camouflage, colours and for various purposes, including military ones. Thanks to this you can freely choose a backpack that matches the rest of your equipment. However, it is becoming equally popular to carry large military backpacks every day. This is due to their high functionality. They are comfortable products, offering a lot of storage capacity and the possibility to arrange the items you carry.

Airsoft Tactical bags

We also offer various types of equipment bags, laptop bags, hip bags and tactical shoulder bags. They are a good alternative to classic backpacks. Their capacity depends on the model, but they can easily accommodate a phone, a flashlight, a multitool and other accessories you need. The bags available in our shop are made of durable materials like Cordura and Nylon. Thanks to this, they will also prove themselves in everyday use, such as travel bags.

Military deployment bags

Military bags also find their place in airsoft. We offer various types of military bags such as gun, engineer and transport bags. They allow you to carry large amounts of equipment you need in a convenient way. Some of them will also prove useful in everyday use or as travel bags. Thanks to different types of compartments and pockets you can conveniently place such accessories as a phone, maps, magazines, a radio, provisions, etc. In case of large transport bags, they also include compartments, which enable comfortable and safe arrangement of transported equipment.