Gun bags and covers

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Airsoft Gun bags and cases

When buying an airsoft replica, it is worth taking care of the proper way of carrying it. In our section with airsoft replica bags you will find a wide range of different types of covers, bags and suitcases, in which you can comfortably and safely carry airsoft replica guns and rifles.

Airsoft Gun covers for rifles or pistols

Participation in airsoft games involves the need to transport your replica airsoft. That's why it's worth ensuring an appropriate and comfortable way of transporting them. Covers and bags can be selected according to the type of camouflage you use and the type of weapons (pistols, rifles). Covers are a staple of tactical equipment for several reasons. Firstly, to carry a replica. Thanks to the straps the covers can be carried on the back, which allows for free movement. In case of replica guns, suitcases are an interesting solution, but they are not suitable to be carried during the games. Another aspect is the issue of safety and law compliance. It is worth noting that in public places it is safer to carry a replica hidden in a suitcase. The protection of the replica from mechanical damage is another factor. Thanks to the use of soft, shock absorbing embossing, the contents are properly protected. Additionally, during disassembling or forced repair, we can put the replica on the cover, avoiding its getting dirty and losing parts. Some models are equipped with additional pockets and organizers. This allows you to carry spare magazines, a pack of bbs and a charger in them. Some of the covers use MOLLE modular system tapes, which allow you to attach them to your backpack or add more pockets and accessories.

Our offer includes bags, cases and covers from such renowned brands as Primal Gear, Nuprol, GFC Tactical and TMC.