Tactical vests

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Airsoft vest

Airsoft tactical vests are the basis of the tactical equipment. Thanks to the vest we can comfortably carry spare magazines, equipment, water rations, radio communication equipment or even ballistic shields in the form of bulletproof plates / cartridges. To put it short - all the necessary personal equipment we will need when performing tactical tasks - whether during an Airsoft shootout, training, a patrol, a military simulation, or on a real battlefield or shooting range. A suitable military vest should be capacious and at the same time comfortable for the wearer even when worn for a long time. It also should be made of durable materials. The huge number of military vests available on the market allows each user to choose the ideal vest for their needs, adapted to the conditions in which they will use it.

How to choose the right/best tactical vest?

One of the basic criteria by which we can divide tactical vests is their modularity. Many vests are equipped with the MOLLE / PALS system, i.e. rows of straps allowing for assembly and configuration of any pockets and chargers purchased separately. It is an extremely universal system, thanks to which the user has virtually unlimited possibilities of adjusting his tactical vest to his needs, in terms of the type, number and location of the storage containers, holsters, pockets, first-aid kits, trays etc. Some vests have the possibility of attaching a backpack or a case for a hydration cartridge. The second type of vests are vests with loaders sewn on permanently - without the possibility of their reconfiguration. When buying them we have to follow narrower criteria, however, such vests also have a large group of recipients because they are often characterized by a lower weight than modular vests.

Chest rig vest, plate vest or tactical vest?

Depending on the task and the conditions in which we will play, we can decide to choose a simple vest or a more complex one. The simplest and lightest are chest rig vests which are used to carry the accessories we need during the operation, such as spare magazines, water or a radio. Additionally, tactical vests of this type are more comfortable to wear due to their construction and low weight. On the other hand, the function of the tactical vest is to ensure the safety of its user. In the case of actual military operations, advanced integrated vests, combining the features of a tactical vest and a bulletproof vest - with the possibility of carrying ballistic inserts (or their airsoft replicas) - will certainly perform better. This type of tactical vest not only allows you to carry a large number of accessories, but also provides a degree of protection. Other elements worth paying attention to when choosing a vest are the type of materials from which they are made, the possibility of extension as well as the color and the type of the camouflage. For the vest to perform well, it should be made of durable materials - the most commonly used are Cordura and Nylon. Thanks to this, we will be sure that when carrying a lot of equipment, our tactical vest will withstand the load and nothing will rip. The ability to expand the vest with additional elements such as loaders allows you to increase the number of carried accessories. It is equally important to fit the tactical vest to the rest of your equipment. Importantly, in Gunfire's offer you can find vests in all of the most popular camouflages available on the market, such as Multicam, A-TACS, Kryptek, Woodland or Pencott.