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Tactical and military patches

Patches are small attachments that you can attach or sew to your clothes, backpack or other tactical equipment. Patches have their enthusiasts both among airsoft players and fans of military clothing. However, interesting patterns make it possible for everyone to choose some cool model of tactical patch for themselves.

Tactical and military patches are an interesting way to diversify your airsoft uniform or emphasize your belonging to a given group. In case of military and paramilitary formations they are used to show the rank in the hierarchy. In our shop we offer several hundred different patterns, sizes and types of patches. Here you will find patches of different shapes and colour variants. Most of the available tactical patches offered in our shop have a sewn-in Velcro, which enables easy and comfortable fixing on caps, bags and other elements of your equipment and clothing. Tactical patches can also be a great way to emphasize your style or a simple but interesting addition. Many of them are based on military or pop culture motifs, while others contain playful slogans.