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Airsoft Shotgun

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    Airsoft shotguns replicas

    Airsoft spring-loaded shotguns are replicas of the original shotguns, many of which you have often seen in action movies. Thanks to the necessity to pull the spring manually before each shot is fired, we get an impression of great realism. In our offer you will find models made of plastic, metal and a combination of wood and metal.

    Airsoft spring-loaded shotguns

    Airsoft spring-loaded replicas of airsoft shotguns, like other types of airsoft replicas, shoot the ball using compressed air. The internal mechanism is based on three elements: a cylinder, a piston and a spring. Due to their construction, the spring replicas require manual stretching of the spring by the user before each shot is fired. These are replicas that offer the user a high level of realism. The necessity of stretching the spring before each shot gives us an opportunity to perform a spectacular reload of the airsoft replica. An important advantage of this kind of airsoft replicas is their quick firing speed and the field of fire. The latter, of course, depends on the specific model. An interesting feature is also the use of more barrels. Some of the airsoft spring-loaded shotguns have three barrels, which allows to shoot 3 bullets simultaneously.

    Airsoft double barrel shotgun

    The use of metal makes the replica heavier and the wood more visually attractive. Another effective solution is to load balls into a dummy shell. Thanks to that, after firing all the balls, the "worn out shell" automatically falls out of the chamber after releasing the lock. In order to increase the speed of the shot, we can, depending on the model, mount a stronger spring. Additionally, some of the airsoft spring shotguns available in our offer have more than one fire mode. In the basic Pump Action mode we take a shot after reloading and for example in the Slamfire mode when holding the trigger the shot is taken automatically after each reloading cycle. Airsoft shotgun replicas use different types of magazines. These can be shells, which contain about 30 balls or box magazines with a capacity of 14 balls for example.

    One of the most important features of this type of airsoft replica is the realism of use. The need to reload, the weight and the firing effect can bring a lot of fun to the user. Replicas of this kind are suitable for CQB games in which the fight takes place in a small space and often the accuracy is not so important. Unfortunately, the latter element may turn out to be the weakness of many models of airsoft spring-loaded shotgun replicas. With three barrels we get a very wide field of fire, but this happens at the expense of accuracy. That's why when considering an airsoft spring-loaded shotgun it is worth taking it into account.

    Airsoft gas shotguns

    Gas-powered airsoft shotguns are replicas of the original shotguns. many of which you have seen in action movies. Because of the recoil, the need to reload after each shot and the use of bullet shells we get an impression of great realism. You will find models made of plastic, metal and a combination of wood and metal in our offer.

    Airsoft replica gas shotguns like other airsoft gas replicas are powered by green gas or CO2. An important difference in the case of shotguns is that the gas is used to load the shells. This is a bit more labour-intensive activity, so it is worthwhile to buy more ready-made ammunition before shooting. It is also worth paying attention to their colours, which indicate what kind of power supply should be used. The next step is to load the shells. This can be done with a quick charger. The number of bullets and cartridges we can load depends on the type of shotgun.

    CO2 and green gas powered shotguns

    Airsoft gas shotguns are powered by two commercially available types of gas - green gas and CO2. In both cases, the shotguns need to be loaded with individual shells. After firing the shotgun, it is necessary to reload the shotgun. Therefore, it is worthwhile to buy an adequate supply of the ammo. The great advantage of such a way of functioning of these replicas is a high level of realism. Thanks to the necessity of reloading and the use of ammunition with shells, gas replicas of shotguns offer the user a feeling of incredible realism. The use of metal or wood manufacturers makes the replica heavier and more visually attractive. Another effective solution is to load the bullets into a dummy shell. Each time the trigger is pressed, the entire contents of the shell are fired and the used shell is reloaded through the ejection window.

    Sawed-off shotgun

    A sawed-off shotgun is a shotgun with a shortened barrel to increase the field of fire. Additionally, this type of weapon is shorter and more handy to carry. However, when deciding to purchase this type of replica, several factors should be taken into account. First of all, dispersion, which in many cases is an advantage. Unfortunately, shortening the barrel significantly reduces the accuracy of your airsoft replica and, as a result, causes greater problems with aiming. Another advantage of gas replicas of shotguns is their quick firing. Appropriate preparation of the shells and the right amount of training will make us cover our opponents with a hail of bullets. In addition, it is connected with the possibility of firing more balls. These types of airsoft replicas are perfect for CQB activities and not just as a collector's gadget, which will decorate the owner's wall.