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Tactical gloves

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Airsoft gloves

Tactical gloves are one of the most essential and popular elements of airsoft equipment. The main application of the gloves is to provide the shooter with a better grip and protect the hands. It is an element of military equipment that is commonly used by members of uniformed forces as well as the military. In our shop there are products from internationally recognized brands such as Armored Claw, Mechanix Wear, PIG and Wiley X.

Combat and military gloves

Tactical and military gloves are a section where both airsoft fans and members of the uniformed forces will surely find something for themselves. Tactical gloves are widely used in airsoft primarily to improve grip and hand protection. The use of special materials and structure on the inside of the glove significantly improves the grip. Thanks to such solutions, the gliding of the gloves on the airsoft replica is reduced to a minimum. The second purpose of wearing gloves is hand protection. Due to the often difficult conditions in which airsoft games take place, the contact with the ground or the need to break through bushes, it is worth investing in the safety of your hands. A significant proportion of gloves, Armored Claw products in particular, have been sewn using high quality materials that guarantee reliability and durability. These include original Kevlar® and Nomex® fibres from DuPont® as well as Keprotec® - a protective material developed by Schoeller Switzerland®. Some products are equipped with protectors to provide enhanced protection. For convenience, touch screen panels are used at the end of the thumb.

Our wide range of gloves includes various models, including winter gloves as well as various colour and camouflage variations. This will make it easier for you to choose the gloves that suit your needs and the colour of your other tactical equipment and uniform.