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    Gun holsters

    Tactical holster is a must for every owner of an airsoft replica gun. Thanks to the appropriate holster we can safely and comfortably carry a gun in such a way that we always have it at hand. In Gunfire's offer you can find many types of holsters, both universal and dedicated to a particular gun, with a thigh, belt or MOLLE / PALS system mounting.

    Airsoft holsters

    The holster is the first piece of tactical equipment that a novice replica gun owner is looking for. Thanks to a suitable holster we can safely and comfortably carry a replica on an airsoft battlefield, or a handgun on a shooting range and while on duty. Tactical holsters available on the military / airsoft market can be divided into several basic types. The first division, according to the material of manufacture: - Soft holsters, made of such materials as leather, Cordura, polyester, nylon, etc. - rigid holsters, made of such materials as Kydex, polymer material, etc.

    The holsters can also be divided into universal ones - which can be adjusted with screws, tapes or Velcro and fit different types of guns, as well as dedicated holsters - designed and manufactured especially for a given gun model, which ensures a much better fit and stability. The gun carried in the holster can be secured by one of many types of locks, operated by thumb, index finger, pressed, etc.

    Airsoft pistol holsters

    In the category of tactical holsters we can also distinguish several different types of mounting: holsters adapted to the universal MOLLE / PALS system, holsters with belt mounting (so-called fins), thigh holsters, holsters on suspenders, or specialized inner holsters for hidden carrying. Some of the holsters have a possibility for the user to adjust the mounting to suit his needs and conditions. The proper selection of the holster is very important, it is dependent on the holster whether we will be able to effectively use the carried gun so that we can ensure the safety of ourselves and others during the performed tasks. In Gunfire's offer you can find holsters dedicated to many gun models, both firearms and airsoft replicas, of such popular brands as Glock, Walther, Beretta Colt, CZ, or Sig Sauer. The holsters are dedicated for airsoft lovers as well as for professional recipients such as various uniformed forces, army and police.