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Airsoft Magazines

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Airsoft magazines

A good magazine is essential. Is there anything worse than a lack of ammunition in the middle of the game? Exactly. That's why it's worth to get a stock of balls, a quick charger or preferably a set of airsoft replica magazines. Responding to the needs of even the most demanding airsofters, our shop has a very wide range of airsoft magazines and accessories for carrying and mounting those magazines. Choose a magazine that you’re your replica perfectly and enjoy airsoft.

Spare airsoft magazines are the best solution in the case of running out of ammunition. That is why you will find several hundred different types of magazines from the most popular manufacturers in our shop's offer. The basic differentiation of airsoft magazines is the one resulting from their capacity.

Hi-Cap and drum/box magazines are characterized by the highest capacity. In Hi-Cap magazines the BBs are poured into the chamber and then turned with a sprocket to move them into the feeder.

This type of magazine holds between two hundred and five hundred balls. Much more capacity is provided by drum/box magazines, which usually hold several thousand balls. They are mainly used for support replicas and Hi-Cap magazines are used for electrical replicas.

Mid-Cap is the second type of an airsoft magazine. The balls are placed in this magazine with the help of a charger and they do not need to be turned up.

The lowest capacity is characteristic for the Low-Cap and Real-Cap magazines. In both cases it is best to use a quick charger to charge them. Low-Cap magazines usually contain between ten and eighty balls. In Real-Cap magazines for airsoft replicas the emphasis is on the realism, therefore the maximum number of balls is much lower. Usually it is about thirty balls.

Airsoft replica magazines - you will find much more in Gunfire

You will also find other types of magazines in our offer. Among them there are mainly magazines for gas replicas containing space for a CO2 cartridge or a greengas tank. Magazines in the form of scales are an interesting product available in our shop. They are used in replicas of some rifles, mainly to create an appropriate vibe.