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Airsoft pouches

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Airsoft mag pouches

After buying a tactical vest, a belt or a backpack, there comes a moment to choose the poaches. In this extremely wide category you will find poaches for both rifle and pistol magazines, grenade launchers, universal (cargo) pockets, medical and many others. The poaches and military pockets are usually equipped with MOLLE / PALS modular system tapes, which allows them to be mounted on tactical equipment compatible with this system.

Airsoft belt pouches

Ammunition poaches and pockets are an extremely wide category, in which you will find a whole range of small items of equipment such as magazine poaches (for rifles, pistols, grenades, etc.), cargo pockets, medical pockets, and all this in different sizes and different camouflage. Military poaches and pockets often have special tapes of the MOLLE / PALS modular system, which allows them to be mounted to a tactical equipment compatible with this system - tactical vests, backpacks, belts. The modular system allows for any configuration and arrangement of poaches on the equipment, so that each user can personalize their equipment specifically for the mission and current conditions. Ammunition poaches can also be used to carry various types of small but often very useful accessories during shootouts.

Airsoft vest and plate pouches

If you're looking for magazine poaches, you can choose from a variety of types of poaches for the most popular systems such as the AR15, AK, MP5 or G36. Apart from rifle magazine poaches, there are a number of poaches for small arms magazines (pistols), machine guns, grenades, and even tape and box magazines for machine guns. The poaches may have flaps (fixed or detachable) protecting the magazine from falling out, they may be of the open type, including the so-called shingle. Like the tactical vests, poaches are made of durable materials such as Cordura and Nylon.

Airsoft molle pouches

In addition to magazine poaches, this category includes many universal pockets for carrying accessories, as well as pockets for maps, first aid kits, drop bags for empty magazines, canteen pockets, and hydration pockets for a water bag. The MOLLE / PALS system can be attached not only to your tactical vest but also to your modular belt, outdoor backpack or tactical kidney. Some pockets can also be carried on their own and act as a cover or an EDC pocket - Every Day Carry. What is important, Gunfire offers military pockets and poaches in all the most popular camouflages available on the market, such as Multicam, A-TACS, Cryptek, Woodland and Pencott.