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Airsoft pistol

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Airsoft pistols

Weapons are an integral part of any battlefield, including the airsoft fields. Airsoft pistols are replica pistols, which are a reproduction of the firearms in a 1:1 scale. They are used for hobby purposes. Airsoft pistols have become an alternative to the world's popular paintball. The difference between the two activities is, among other things, the weapon used, as well as the type of bullets. Airsoft pistols shoot plastic balls, usually with a diameter of 6 mm. In the case of paintball, these are 68 inch calibre balls, which have been filled with a coloured paint.

Best airsoft pistols and their types

Ball-loaded pistols can be divided into three basic types. The first are the airsoft spring powered pistols, which require manual reloading before firing. These are models in which compressed air is obtained by means of a piston, cylinder or a spring. The next type is the airsoft gas pistols, in which the balls are fired using a mixture of propane with a small addition of silicone oil(green gas) or CO2. A portion of the gas is dosed through a special valve. The last type of the replicas is an electric powered pistols, which is usually a replica of a long gun. The spring is tensioned in it by the engine using a gear transmission.

How to choose an airsoft pistol for beginners?

Airsoft pistols are replicas of small arms, which will be the best choice for beginners who take part in the shootouts. However, it is necessary to consider which of the above mentioned types, i.e. airsoft spring, gas or electric pistols will be the best for a beginner player. Spring-loaded pistols are characterized by their durability, but they are the slowest to shoot. They require manual piston tensioning, which can be tiring for some. The gas ones require the player to pay more attention after the shooting is over, because the CO2 cartridge has to be emptied fully. However, the shooting is very realistic. Electric airsoft pistols work with batteries that can become discharged. They should also be serviced regularly, as the internal components wear out. The advantage of such type is a wide range of tuning possibilities.

At the beginning, a most unattended pistol is a good choice, i.e. a spring-loaded and an electric pistol will do well. They are characterized by fast fire rate, as well as an ease of shooting. It is also worth noting the capacity of the magazine. The bigger it is, the better.

Our offer includes replicas of popular Beretta, Glock, Colt, Sig Sauer, h&k and Walther pistols