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Machine guns

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    Airsoft machine guns

    When ordinary replicas of airsoft rifles aren't enough it's time to reach for real cannons. Airsoft machine guns are real beasts that offer great firepower, high level of realism and induce fear in your opponents. They are also airsoft replicas of some of the most famous machine guns, especially from movies. Fasten your seatbelts and put on your helmets because now it will get serious.

    Airsoft machine guns replicas

    Airsoft machine guns are weapons that provide a great variety of gameplay. Thanks to the realism of manufacture, appropriate weight and accessories such as bipods, it will allow to create an interesting gameplay. Thanks to the bipod you will be able to create a firing position, as well as the workmanship with the reproduction of details characteristic of the original firearms will be fun for all lovers of historical weapon replicas. In our offer you will find various models of airsoft replicas which are equivalents of rifles produced for the needs and used during various wars. The most popular are products from the World War II period such as the replica of the RPD machine gun or the M60VN rifle. The replicas available in our shop are electrically powered and require several batteries. The ammunition is loaded into box or drum magazines. The latter can hold several thousand balls. The manufacturers, wanting to ensure a high level of realism, have decided to use a large amount of steel supplemented with plastic. Additionally, in some models we can find elegant, wooden elements. The materials used contribute to the strength of airsoft machine gun replicas and their weight. Some of them can weigh up to 12 kg. To ensure proper functioning inside the replicas we used durable gearboxes and precision barrels.