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Knee pads and elbow pads

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Participation in airsoft games is associated with physical activity in difficult terrain and on diverse surfaces. Therefore, tactical pads are a very useful element of your equipment. Their main function is to protect your knees and elbows from bruises or cuts.

Airsoft knee and elbow pads

The pads are a very important part of your equipment, allowing you to fully enjoy the airsoft games even in the most difficult conditions. Their main function is to protect the knees and elbows, however, tactical pads influence the feeling of comfort. Therefore, when choosing and buying this type of airsoft accessories you should pay attention to several aspects. The first one is durability. Pads, especially those on the knees, will be exposed to frequent impacts and contact with hard and sharp surfaces, for example stones or glass. It is therefore important that the materials used to make them are high quality, durable and resistant. Comfort also counts. You will walk, run or fall to the ground in the knee pads during a fire exchange. That is why you have to feel relatively comfortable in them. The way they are attached and their size is important. The pads that roll up or slide down from the knees can effectively ruin your fun. The last aspect is aesthetics and usability. The right pads for your clothes will look good. However, it is worth noting the practical aspect. The pads can also be used for other activities like skateboarding or cycling. That is why it is worth considering more universal models of tactical pads, which will allows to use them also outside airsoft fields.

Our offer includes several models of renowned manufacturers of tactical equipment such as Alta Industries and Ultimate Tactical. We also offer you more budget-friendly products in the form of GFC Tactical accessories, which combine good quality with attractive price. The products are available in various colour variants.