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Grenades and mines

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    Airsoft grenades and airsoft mines

    One of the good ways to increase the realism of your games as well as the excitement among players is to use airsoft grenades and mines. They are accessories that allow to diversify airsoft games and surprise or send more opponents to the respawn point.

    The use of airsoft grenades and airsoft mines during games depends on the decision of the organizers. This is mainly due to safety reasons, which is most important for airsofters. In our shop we offer you several types of grenades and grenade launcher ammo. One of the main manufacturers that offers professional airsoft grenades is Tactical Game Innovation. It produces airsoft as well as paintball and bang grenades. To increase the safety, they feature double protection and its fragmentation during detonation does not pose a threat. Grenades of this type have a range of several meters and are often single-use products. Other products in this category are replica grenades for grenade launchers made by PPS Airsoft or Nuprol as well as "Reaper" missiles from TGI, which are also used as ammunition for grenade launchers.

    It is worth remembering that all such products are pyrotechnic devices, so you should take care to protect your eyes by wearing safety glasses or goggles and hands by using gloves.