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Grenade launchers

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      Grenade launcher airsoft

      Airsoft grenade launchers are an effective support during airsoft games. On the market we can find grenade launchers mounted under carbines, as well as standalone ones - which can be used as main weapons. Airsoft grenade launchers are often powered by special green gas grenades and can launch even several hundred balls at once. Apart from classic grenade launchers, replicas of anti-tank grenade launchers and even rocket launchers are produced.

      Airsoft grenade launchers can effectively support the team during all kinds of airsoft games, training or military simulations. The grenade launcher has a large field of impact, so it can be used to clear closed spaces, staircases and bushes. Airsoft grenade launchers are most often loaded with dedicated grenades, to which the balls and the green gas necessary to launch them are loaded. An airsoft grenade launcher can fire even several hundred balls at a time. There are many different types of grenade launchers, which are replicas of real weapons on the airsoft market. The most popular are mounted grenade launchers, which are attached under the barrel of rifles and assault rifles. There are also standalone grenade launchers, i.e. equipped with a butt and a grip, which can be used as primary replicas. Airsoft manufacturers have various models of such grenade launchers in their offer, also very effective ones powered from drum magazines. These are most often revolver grenade launchers, which means that they are equipped with a magazine in the form of a drum, and each pull of the trigger, apart from firing the pin, also moves the drum by one chamber. In order for the grenade launcher drum to rotate after
      each pull of the trigger you must first turn the mechanism by turning the drum counterclockwise. Standalone grenade launchers are based on many well-known designs. In the revolver type, available in Gunfire, you will find a butt known from M4 series carbines, which allows you to adjust the length and features a choice of angle of inclination, which is useful for parabolic shooting. We also sell more unique designs, such as replicas of anti-tank grenade launchers, mortars and even powerful rocket launchers. An interesting addition are the increasingly popular mini grenade launchers, which can be mounted even on replica guns.

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      Airsoft grenade launchers can become an interesting enrichment of your gameplay. Due to their effectiveness and efficiency, of course in certain conditions, the actions can bring us a lot of fun during the shootouts. Due to the wide field of impact and a large number of balls fired, it is perfect for fighting against more opponents. Additionally, they can create a real barrier that will discourage even the toughest terminators. When choosing this kind of replica, however, it is worth considering several aspects of airsoft grenade launchers. First of all, the type. As we have mentioned, the choice is quite wide and it depends on you if you want to increase the weight of your replica, but play with only one airsoft replica or rather prefer to have a completely independent grenade launcher at hand, which can be used at any time. Other aspects are durability and weight. Due to the fact that a gunshot can put a heavy load on a replica, it is worth choosing solid constructions. On the other hand, when we load e.g. six charges into the grenade launcher, its weight will increase significantly, which will make running with this type of weapon tiring. It is a good idea to choose a smaller mounted grenade launcher or a standalone grenade launcher made of durable material with key elements made of metal. The issue of power supply is not a problematic one. Most of the available airsoft grenade launchers are powered by special grenades fuelled by green gas. Empty grenades are filled with gas and then loaded with balls. Before performing any activities related to charging the grenade launchers, it is worth to read the manual and manufacturer's recommendations. The assembly of airsoft grenade launchers is an element which is also worth paying attention to while browsing through individual models. In the case of some of the models it will be attached to the RIS rail. Other grenade launchers require a Picatinny rail attached to the replica. As a result, when choosing a grenade launcher you need to get familiar with the mounting system in your airsoft replica. The grenade launcher attachment, apart from its combat value, also has other advantages. First of all, grenade launchers available on the market often have additional rails, e.g. RIS, which enable the attachment of additional accessories such as torches, sights, etc. This is important because the grenade launcher takes up space that could be used for other equipment. Another aspect is the so-called cool factor. Let's not fool ourselves, a fancy replica with a grenade launcher attached to it not only increases our combat capabilities, but also influences how we present ourselves. Of course, simplicity lovers and opponents of the gadgeting will find that it is completely unnecessary. But wouldn't we like to feel for a moment like Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting Predator with a rifle equipped with a grenade launcher? This is the cool factor that will surely grow if we retrofit our replica with an airsoft grenade launcher.