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Combat shirt

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Airsoft shirt

Choosing the right tactical clothing for airsoft games or survival activities is a very important part of your preparations. A well selected tactical shirt will provide you with thermal comfort on cold days and a certain amount of protection against balls or insects. Additionally, the military shirt is a basic part of a set of military clothing, in which the airsofters go crazy during shootouts. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of combat shirts, in which you will find thinner models suitable to wear under a tactical vest and thicker sweatshirts, which will be perfect during the games played on cold days.

Combat shirts (multicam, black, green)

Combat shirt type uniformed sweatshirts are a characteristic kind of military shirts designed to be worn under a bulletproof vest. As you can easily see, the shirt consists of two parts and in the middle there is a breathable and flexible material, which will be perfect for wearing tactical plate carrier vests. Sleeves and often shoulders and the collar are made of camouflage-coloured materials. Our offer includes several types of shirts, so you can choose the right shirt for your tactical equipment set. In addition, many models have a flap-fastened sleeves with Velcro as well as zippered pockets and special pockets for a protective insert as well as Velcro to attach patches. In some models the sleeves are lined with a special non-slip rubber at elbow height for better protection. For the user's convenience the stand-up collars are lined with soft materials. A new and real treat is the Programmer tactical sweatshirt from TMC, which instead of camouflage has flannel checked sleeves. This makes the combat shirt look less military and more casual and stylish. In our offer you will also find thicker military shirts that will give you better protection against the cold. These are the Pentathlon shirts and the Patriot fleece shirt, which provide a middle and outer protective layer. They have a hood, more pockets and a better water resistance. They are lightweight and breathable due to the materials used. Thanks to this, they can be freely worn underneath the backpack, and when folded they do not take up much space. In our section with uniformed shirts you will find a wide range of products both in terms of cut, colours and manufacturers. The most popular are classic combat shirts in various camouflages as well as tactical sweatshirts/shirts. We offer products from such well-known brands as Ultimate Tactical, TMC, Emerson, Giena Tactics, Specna Arms, Pentagon and Helikon-Tex