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Airsoft BBs

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      Airsoft BBs ammo

      Suitable BBs for replicas are an important part of airsoft. In our offer you will find a wide range of bbs for airsoft replicas straight from the best manufacturers. You will find both bbs for rifle replicas as well as for pistol replicas. We offer 6mm plastic BBs for airsoft replicas in different weights to provide the right ammunition for different needs.

      Airsoft BBs pellets

      As you know, the right ammunition for airsoft is the basis for good shooting. That's why when choosing ammunition for an airsoft replica you should pay attention to several aspects. Firstly, the quality of workmanship. Good quality BBs may increase your accuracy. Better workmanship guarantees greater precision. In addition, the use of better quality airsoft bbs can protect your replicas from problems related to the type of ammunition used. Cheaper BBs, often added to the set with a replica can cause various problems such as jams. This is due to the low level of workmanship. These types of products have unequal weight, size as well as small burrs or plastic residue. All this affects your replica, especially when using precision barrels. The second aspect related to the choice of airsoft ammunition is weight, and the third is size.

      Airsoft ammo

      We offer a wide range of BBs in different sizes and weights. The selection of these parameters should be related to the specification of your replica. When choosing airsoft ammunition you can check what kind of balls the manufacturer of the replica suggests. Such information should be complemented by the knowledge from portals dedicated to airsoft and our own gameplay experience. Due to the multitude of products it may be important to test several different types of airsoft ammunition from different manufacturers. In addition, it may turn out, that airsoft ammunition recommended by other players will not work in your replica or will not appeal to your taste for some reason. When choosing the BBs it is also worth to pay attention to other issues such as color or type of BBs - due to other features such as material or biodegradability. Brighter BBs will be more visible, and for example green or brown BBs will give your games more realism because it will be more difficult to see them. No matter what kind of BBs you choose, we encourage you to get acquainted with the offer of our shop where you can find airsoft ammunition from the best global manufacturers.