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Airsoft balaclava

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    Balaclava is a universal headgear, which will be perfect for airsoft as well as for sports or hiking. Thanks to good fitting and the use of soft materials, we can comfortably wear a helmet and choose the right goggles as well as provide protection against dust and cold.

    Balaclava mask

    The balaclava is an excellent solution for those looking for a multifunctional headgear. As an element of tactical equipment it will work well both during shootouts as well as during sports or work. A well-made balaclava provides you with protection, moisture removal and proper fit. It can replace a cap and a scarf during airsoft games, and for uniformed personnel it is a basic element of military clothing. In our offer of tactical equipment you will find one or two opening balaclavas as well as half-balaclavas. In addition, some of them have prints, which will certainly impress your opponents.