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Loyalty points program after 15th March, 2018

The Gunfire loyalty program allows you to gain even more! Collect points and exchange them for high quality products available in our special offer.

How does it work?

For each 10 PLN (about 2,50 EUR, depending on current currency exchange rate) spent on wares in Gunfire, you will receive 1 loyalty program point. These points can be exchanged for products available in our special offer for loyal customers. Each of the selected products has a price set in points, visible below its name.

The loyalty points cannot be exchanged for money, nor can they be bought directly.

This offer is valid only for individual customers. The store can refuse to lower the price of a specific product if a suspicion arises, that the product is being acquired for further re-sale.

Should the rules governing this Loyalty Program be violated by a Customer, the store is entitled to suspend the Customer's account or exclude it from the Loyalty Program.


Loyalty Program points granting for realized orders.

  • Points for your last order will be granted after package arrival to designated location (+ max. 1 day).




Should another special offer occur, resulting in the lowering of prices of most products in the store's offer, the seller may holds the right to put the Loyalty Program temporarily on hold, thus preventing more than one special offer to apply at the same time.

If such is the case, the amount of loyalty points will not change. It will not be possible to make purchases using the loyalty points during the lasting special offer, nor will any loyalty points be obtained by the Customer for purchases made while the special offer lasts.




Question: How can I aquire loyalty points?

Answer: Loyalty points are earned through placing and paying for orders on For each 10 PLN (about 2,50 EUR, depending on current currency exchange rate) spent on wares in Gunfire, you will receive 1 loyalty program point. Meaning, if you order for 250 EUR, you will receive about 100 loyalty points.

Question: Where can I check how many loyalty points I have?

Answer: The amount of points you have can be checked by logging in on the website and selecting the YOUR ACCOUNT tab.

Question: Do loyalty points expire?

Answer: No. Once gained, the points can only be spent. You don't loose them over time.

Question: How can I buy a product for points?

Answer: It's fairly easy. All you need to do is go to the "Available for points" menu on the bottom left. There you'll find all products available for points, divided into categories for easy navigation. Choosing any category will open a list of all products available for points tied to it, along with prices in loyalty points.



Next, open the product you want to buy for points by choosing "View full description". The website will take you to the product's description. If there are enough loyalty points on your account to buy that product for points, a check box will appear:

This checkbox should be marked. Then, just choose "Add to cart", just like placing a regular order. If there are not enough points on the customer's account to pay for that product, the checkbox will not appear.

That's about that - all you need to do now is continue placing the order, just like always.

Question: Can I place an order consisting only of products for points?

Answer: No. You need to order at least one product normally.

Question: Is it possible to pay partially for the product with points, and partially with money?

Answer: There is no such possibility.

Question: Does warranty cover products acquired for points?

Answer: Yes. But there is no possibility to return such a product. Should a malfunction occur, the product will be repaired or exchanged.